Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

  • Industry-wide EPD for 1/2" and 5/8” Glass Mat Gypsum Panels

    Product Definition - Glass mat gypsum panels (known as glass mat panels) are designed to be used as exterior substrate or sheathing for weather barriers. The substrates consist of a noncombustible water-resistant gypsum core, surfaced with glass mat partially or completely embedded in the core.

    Industry-wide Type III environmental product declaration for glass mat gypsum panels as manufactured by Gypsum Association member companies in USA and Canada. This declaration has been prepared in accordance with ISO 14025, ISO 21930, ISO 14040, ISO 14044 the governing glass mat gypsum panels category rules and ASTM International’s EPD program operator rules.

  • Industry-wide EPD for 5/8” Type X Paper Faced Gypsum Board

    Product Definition – Industry-wide Type III environmental product declaration (EPD) developed according to ISO 14025 and ISO 21930 for average 5/8” Type X paper faced gypsum boards, also known as drywall, manufactured by the members of the Gypsum Association.

  • Industry-wide EPD for Joint Compound

    This declaration by the joint compound manufacturers listed covers a range of joint compound products (ready mixed, powder, lightweight, conventional weight) that are commercially available by common packaging types (plastic pails, corrugated paperboard carton) and size. The participating joint compound manufacturers in this declaration are members of the Drywall Finishing Council, Inc. (DWFC), a not-for-profit mutual benefit industry organization. Joint compound as defined by ASTM C474 and C475 are commonly used to finish interior gypsum panel wall assemblies in non-residential (aka commercial, light commercial, institutional), and residential (multi-family and single family) building construction.