NGC Construction Guide System Sections

  • Cavity Shaftwall Systems

    Read about cavity shaftwall systems.

  • Two-Hour Area Separation Wall Systems

    Read about two-hour area separation wall systems.

  • Three-Hour Area Separation Wall Systems

    Read about three-hour area separation wall systems.

  • Gypsum Board Over Masonry

    Read about gypsum board over masonry or monolithic concrete.

  • Veneer Plaster Systems

    Read about Veneer Plaster Systems

  • Conventional Plaster Systems

    Read about Conventional Plaster Systems.

  • Product Selector

    Download a complete listing of National Gypsum products.

  • Levels of Gypsum Board Finish

    Read about the five levels of finish for gypsum board.

  • Wood-Framed Systems

    Read about wood frame walls and ceilings in single- and double-layer construction.

  • Steel-Framed Systems

    Read about non-loadbearing steel stud partitions.