August 2016

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Amy Hockett and Eric Marsal

For National Gypsum Construction Design Managers, the story always starts with the customer. According to Eric Marsal, CDM for the Southeast/Gulf region, "As a construction design manager, the most rewarding part of this selling process is being called on for technical advice. I know I've hit a home run when our customers think of me as their trusted advisor."

Marsal recently assisted R IV Architecture with building products for a project in Toringdon Park, located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Toringdon is a premier office area in the heart of south Charlotte’s most desirable suburb, Ballantyne. A big thank you to R IV Architecture’s Kyle Woudstra, and others like him, who specify National Gypsum’s Gold Bond® brand eXP® Sheathing to withstand the elements in both wood and metal construction.

As Kyle Woudstra, director of R IV Architecture’s Charleston, South Carolina, office says, "My firm R IV Architecture and I have enjoyed a relationship with our NGC Construction Design Manager, Eric, for a number of years. NGC provides project-specific, technical support both during the design phase and during construction of the project. They even assist with difficult municipalities, which helps give us peace of mind knowing that their products will stand up to the rigorous standards of our high-performance projects."

As National Gypsum Architectural Specialist Amy Hockett notes, there is a reason so many architects choose eXP® Sheathing.

"Often the exterior walls and soffits are exposed to the elements for months before the final cladding is installed. Many of today's desired exterior claddings also require sheathing attached to the framing as a water-resistant underlayment for these materials. Air and water-resistive barriers can be applied to the solid eXP Sheathing substrate. The coated fiberglass mat facers protect the gypsum core and offer superior weather resistance. Additionally, eXP Sheathing is dimensionally stable under temperature changes and is fire resistant, helping to protect exterior framing members. eXP Sheathing is added 'performance confidence' for your exterior wall and soffit assemblies – providing structural stability, water resistance, 12-month extended exposure warranty and fire resistance," she says.

As always, we are here to help you design and build better. If you or your firm would like to have your project featured in a future issue, tag us @NationalGypsum in your photos!

Product Overview

Protect Against Moisture And Mold

For extra protection against mold and mildew in interior applications, specify Gold Bond® brand 5/8" Fire-Shield® eXP® Interior Extreme® Gypsum Panel. This Type X Panel:

  • Resists the growth of mold per ASTM D3273 with a score of 10 (the best possible score).
  • Features a moisture- and mold-resistant gypsum core encased in a coated, specially designed fiberglass mat on the face, back and sides.
  • Is an approved component in specific UL fire-rated designs.

For exterior applications that also reinforce against mold and mildew, rely on Gold Bond® brand eXP® Sheathing. In both wood and metal stud construction, this sheathing:

  • Protects against inclement weather.
  • Adds to structural strength.
  • Is an approved component in specific UL fire-rated designs.

Project Profile

Biltmore Park Town Square



Shared partnership of Biltmore Farms LLC and Crosland LLC
Shook Kelley
Certified in the LEED-ND (Neighborhood Development) Program

Located in one of the country’s hottest real estate markets, this vibrant Asheville, North Carolina, master-planned community combines natural beauty and neo-traditional design. A modern, mixed-use development, Biltmore Park Town Square is part of a pilot program serving as a blueprint for a smarter, more sustainable live, work and play space.

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Why Specify This All-In-One Panel?

Build smarter and save time with Gold Bond® brand ThermalFOIL® Gypsum Board.

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