July 2016

Introducing One Guide To Rule Them All

Warren Barber

You may be creating your iconic architectural design or signature design now – a building that will symbolize your creativity, innovation and emblazon your name in the annals of great architecture. The new NGC Construction Guide is our magnum opus. About a year and a half ago, we began collecting and documenting information that became a solid concept for this 392-page technical book. This concept developed into a schematic design and underwent many revisions. Now built, it is the most comprehensive guide of its kind in the gypsum industry – and we can’t wait to share it with you.

You are the reason we spent months conferring over charts and illustrations to include, and deliberating about data you would find most useful. This new guide offers insight about the principles of construction technology, with more than 400 drawings that illustrate even the most complex construction details.

Our new NGC Construction Guide includes:

  • An in-depth fire and sound selector, showcasing more than 145 fire-rated assemblies
  • A convenient product selector, which summarizes more than 70 products
  • Isometric and cross-section diagrams and instructions, illustrating wood- and steel-framed systems, plaster systems, and cavity shaftwall and area separation wall systems
  • Technical spotlights for key subjects, including acoustics and building science

Here are just two examples of how this guide will make your job easier:

  • Pages 32-33 outline our fire and sound selector. Turn to pages 41-42 of our fire and sound selector, and take a look at V438 (U465). This one fire-tested (plus acoustics) UL/GA design for steel-framed (non-load-bearing) gypsum board partitions has eight different proprietary assembly options. You will have the complete description of how to build all the approved assemblies (with Gold Bond® BRAND SoundBreak® XP® Gypsum Board, with multiple layers, with resilient channels applied horizontally, and more) at your fingertips. And this fire- and sound-tested design is one of scores included.
  • Page 357 details designs that are difficult to understand and assemble, including 1- and 2-hour fire-rated, horizontal shaftwall-corridor ceiling and stair soffits. These illustrations are a valuable reference.

There are many more ways the NGC Construction Guide will become your indispensable tool. For a printed copy, please contact your construction design manager, and he or she will deliver it to your office. To view the PDF, click on our Design Center or website. At National Gypsum, we provide the best resources – like our new NGC Construction Guide – to help you design and build better.

New Fire And Sound Selector

Where can you find more than 145 fire-rated assemblies, conveniently organized to make your job easier? Turn to pages 32-62 in our new NGC Construction Guide. Here you’ll find in-depth descriptions and diagrams, UL/GA designs and fire ratings along with Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings and correlating tests. Find the information you need for everything from load-bearing partitions and exterior walls to cavity shaftwall and area separation wall systems to wood- and steel-framed roof/ceiling assemblies. Check it out today!

Design Center – Now Includes NGC Construction Guide

Our online Design Center – always open, whether you need information on the jobsite or in the middle of the night – now features a resource we think you’ll love: our new NGC Construction Guide. Click on with your smartphone, tablet or laptop, and find out what the buzz is about.

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