April 2020

Reinforce Your Roof Against Hail Damage

By Scott Hughes and Frank Fuller

As cold air from the North collides with warm air from the Gulf of Mexico, the stage is set for spring hailstorms – and now they cover more territory than ever.

Hailstorms Hit More Regions
In the United States, hailstorms typically hover over the West and South Central regions, but they also now affect the Midwest, East and Southeast with about two-thirds of the U.S. experiencing 1-inch or larger hailstones. These can damage or penetrate your roof cover and insulation, leading to millions of dollars in damage annually.

If you review FM Global’s latest hail damage map, “severe” and “very severe” hail ratings have more widespread applicability – and those areas continue to expand. This map will most likely encompass even more areas during the lifetime of the projects you’re designing and building today.

Damage From Foot Traffic
In addition to the hail damage, there is also additional roof damage that occurs when workers – no matter how careful – are performing repairs or general maintenance. When you multiply the weight of several 150-plus pound people walking around on your roof (along with their equipment), that’s a reason to reinforce and protect it with a quality coverboard.

Specify Products That Meet FM Global Criteria
Utilizing a hard coverboard for your roof is more important than ever. A coverboard can minimize the damage – from hail and foot traffic – to the membrane and insulation. It creates a watertight covering to protect the interior of a building and provides a stable layer for the membrane to adhere.

As FM Global insurance approval standards become increasingly more stringent, DEXcell® BRAND Roof Board provides products for an assembly that will meet or exceed those requirements. Whichever DEXcell® product you specify, you’ll have added peace of mind and extra protection for an important investment.

Download DEXcell® Product MasterSpec® sections HERE.

We’ve Got You Covered with Three Outstanding DEXcell® BRAND Roof Boards
The National Gypsum line of DEXcell® covers the entire spectrum of commercial roof applications. DEXcell® Glass Mat Roof Board is recommended for mechanically attached systems, metal roofs and wood shake underlayment. It’s also an excellent thermal and fire barrier. DEXcell® FA Glass Mat Roof Board has a heavy-duty coated facer and is recommended for fully adhered roof systems – including the roof side of parapet walls. DEXcell® Cement Roof Board provides superior moisture resistance, making it suitable for nearly every roof system.

Contact Your Construction Design Manager for Details
For more information about which DEXcell® product to specify or details about the products, please contact your Construction Design Manager. We’re all here to help you design and build better.

Since 2000, the National Roof Contractors Association (NRCA) has recommended using coverboard, and since 2006, both the NRCA and the Midwest Roof Contractors Association (MRCA) have recommended using noncombustible coverboard. DEXcell® Roof Board has you covered!

"The thing that protects our buildings the most is the thing we think of the least: The roof. Hail can happen anywhere. DEXcell® not only protects your investment from hail, but foot traffic and maintenance work that is constantly going on above your head."
- Scott Hughes

"In my territory of north Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri, hail and wind are always a concern. Roof replacements or repairs are very costly to the owners and to the insurance companies. Consider using our DEXcell® systems to protect your clients’ investments."
- Frank Fuller

Product Overview

Indoor Air Quality is Important. Finish Your Walls with Confidence.

ProForm® BRAND Interior Finishing Products offer low-emitting options to meet your Indoor Environmental Quality requirements.

Healthy indoor environments are important for all building occupants, especially considering we spend on average 90 percent of our time inside. Whether meeting LEED Indoor Environmental Quality credit compliance for Low-Emitting Materials or simply selecting products that offer low volatile organic compounds (VOC) and mold resistance, National Gypsum’s ProForm® BRAND Interior Finishing Products have you covered.

Low-emitting products reduce concentrated chemical contaminants that can reduce air quality, potentially harming human health and the environment. All ProForm® setting compounds, ProForm® Quick Set™ and ProForm® Quick Set™ Lite, are mold resistant and GREENGUARD Gold Certified – helping you specify a complete wall system with enhanced resistance to mold and certified for low chemical emissions.

In addition, our ProForm® XP® and XP® Lite with Dust-Tech® Joint Compounds are formulated to reduce airborne dust by up to 60 percent, thereby reducing the impact on indoor air quality. Both offer superior mold resistance and are GREENGUARD Gold Certified for indoor air quality and meet the requirements for CDPH Section 01350.

Select ProForm® joint treatment products to promote healthy indoor air quality and finish your walls with confidence.

Project Profile

The Ohio State University College of Dentistry’s Postle Hall


Architect of Record:
Design Architect: Construction Manager: Subcontractor:
Overhauling Postle Hall, home to The OSU’s College of Dentistry

Design Group, Columbus, Ohio

Robert A. Stern Architects, New York, New York

Gilbane Building Group, Columbus, Ohio
Valley Interior Systems

Postle Hall, home to The Ohio State University’s College of Dentistry, is undergoing a $95 million makeover. Ohio’s only dental school and the country’s fourth largest, this renovation will encompass 150,000 square feet of new space, featuring classrooms, labs, surgery units, a radiology center and dental clinic. To give the new dental hub its edge, it incorporates nine different National Gypsum products.

Read More About The Project

Continuing Education

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Advantages of Using Coverboards in Low Slope Roofing Assemblies
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Delta Innovative Services of Kansas City, Kansas, shares why they choose to use DEXcell® Roof Board products.

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