February 2016

Between The Lines

Eric Marsal and Thad Goodman

There’s a reason the adage, “measure twice, cut once,” has been around so long. But with Gold Bond® brand GridMarX® guide marks already printed on some of our gypsum board products, your contractor’s team can skip “measure” and go right to “install.” It is a win-win situation that increases everyone’s productivity.

Armed with GridMarX, your contractors can instantly find the fastener line for studs and accurately apply screws without having to draw any lines. When fastening for fire assemblies or code applications, these marks help to quickly identify nail/screw patterns, virtually eliminating the need to measure between fasteners. Plus, cleaner nail/screw patterns provide a visual benefit for inspectors, helping to speed up their working time.

With GridMarX, guide marks run the length of the board at five points in 4-inch increments, so the installer always has a reference point. Marks run along the edge in both tapers and at 16 in. (406 mm), 24 in. (610 mm) and 32 in. (813 mm). The marks cover easily with no bleed-through using standard paint products.

Saving time, saving money and allowing your projects to run more smoothly – it is a no-brainer when you specify our products that feature GridMarX. And we are happy to announce that Gold Bond® brand eXP® products now also feature GridMarX.

Like fire testing with in-line joints, National Gypsum develops specialty products and tools (the Design Center) to help enhance your efforts. While we’re on the subject of your efforts, let us know if you would like to learn more about products you have not already tried. We would like to introduce you to them. As always, we are here to help you design better.

"Stamping GridMarX on our eXP® products is just one more reason to specify NGC products. The fastener patterns allow the contractor to decrease the installation time on the job, thus reducing labor costs to the owner."
- Eric Marsal, Construction Design Manager for the Southeast/Gulf Region

"Contractors have long seen the value of our paper-faced products that employ GridMarX. We have had many contractor requests to add GridMarx technology to our glass mat line. Now that it’s available, providing National Gypsum as one of your three specified choices may just help reduce substitution requests from those firms."
- Thad Goodman, Construction Design Manager for the Central/Midwest Region

Product Overview

Reinforce and Protect Your Building Assemblies

Whether you need to protect your project from inclement weather, provide more fire resistance, or add strength to your structure, consider using Gold Bond® brand eXP® Sheathing. Attach this moisture and mold resistant gypsum panel to the outside of sidewall and soffit framing as a water-resistant underlayment for various exterior materials.

eXP® Sheathing:

  • Resists mold growth per ASTM D3273 with a score of 10 (the best)
  • Provides superior water resistance and does not impede vapor transmission
  • Scores and snaps easily
  • Is approved for specific UL fire-rated designs
  • Works for radius applications

Project Profile

Cornell University Solar Decathlon Entry

Solar Decathlon Competition.
Cornell University students showcase their energy-saving design.

Cornell’s Solar Decathlon 2009 entry, known as the “Silo House,” is three interconnected cylinder-shaped modules powered by electricity from 40 photovoltaic panels. The walls of this concept home are built with Gold Bond® brand ¼-inch High Flex® Gypsum Board. This “post-agrarian” house is a net-zero user of energy – expected to generate more power than it uses. Each of the house’s silos – kitchen, bedroom and living room – is 16 ft. (4.9 m) in diameter, with about 130 ft.2 (12.1 m2) of floor space. It features an integrated solar thermal system and evacuated tube collectors that heat the space and water. This Solar Decathlon team was comprised of 150 Cornell students, including representatives of all seven Cornell colleges and the graduate school of business.

Read More About The Project

Continuing Education

New year, new goals -- let us help you start fulfilling your CEUs now. Consider taking one of these continuing education courses.

Gypsum’s Role In Earning Points In LEED v4 EQ, And Other Credits
1 hour/AIA HSW CE Hour
High Performance Gypsum: Protect against Mold, Moisture and Exposure
1 hour/AIA HSW CE Hour

Meet Our New Construction Design Manager-Southwest Region!

Welcome, Frank Fuller

Frank brings a wealth of product and industry experience to Technical Marketing. In the construction business for nearly three decades, he has worked for Glidden, ICI and PPG Industries. Most recently, for the past eight years, Frank has been involved with specifications development and contractor training for Weatherization Partners and DuPont Tyvek. His vast experience enables him to apply coatings and weather barriers to interior and exterior gypsum boards as well as effectively communicate with you. Frank currently serves as President-Elect of CSI (Construction Specifications Institute) South Central Region and Director for the Dallas CSI Chapter. He is also actively involved with AIA (American Institute of Architects) Dallas, North Texas USGBC (United States Green Building Council), Dallas BEC (Building Enclosure Council) and the North Texas RCI (international association of building envelope consultants).

Please call or e-mail Frank today with your technical questions or to schedule a Lunch ‘N Learn!


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