On Board Newsletter

The On Board monthly e-newsletter is our way of communicating relevant technical information,digital content, project profiles and continuing education opportunities. At National Gypsum, we’re “on board” with the products and trends that will increase your productivity and efficiency. We’re also “on board” with the best design service. To that end, we have the industry’s premier construction design managers, available to help you with your projects.

  • 9/16/20

    On Board September 2020

    Abuse Resistant (AR) and Impact Resistant (IR) gypsum panels are not interchangeable because they do not perform the same jobs. After you’ve finished reading this, we hope you’ll have a better understanding about how and when to specify each.

  • 6/23/20

    On Board June 2020

    In 2013, National Gypsum Construction Services developed the original PURPLE Book® to help provide solutions to common fire-rated assembly problems in commercial construction. It was so popular that we updated it, and the second edition is available: The PURPLE Book® II.

  • 4/13/20

    On Board April 2020

    As cold air from the North collides with warm air from the Gulf of Mexico, the stage is set for spring hailstorms – and now they cover more territory than ever.

  • 2/20/20

    On Board February 2020

    Life is getting louder, and quiet space has never been more in demand. Your clients are concerned about reducing sound transmission, and our latest resource is your complimentary go-to problem solver.