Project Profiles

  • Cornell University Decathlon Entry,Cornell University

    Project: Cornell University Entry in Solar Decathlon
    Owner: Cornell University
    Architect: Cornell Architecture, Engineering & Design Students
  • Food Lion Customer Support Center, Salisbury, NC

    Project: Food Lion Customer Support Center, Salisbury, NC
    Owner: Food Lion LLC
    Architect: Little Diversified Architectural Consulting
  • Greenburg Schools, Kiowa County Schools, KS

    Project: Greensburg Schools/Kiowa County Schools
    Owner: Greensburg Schools/Kiowa County Schools
    Architect: BNIM Architects
  • Harris Teeter Store, Charlottesville, VA

    Project: Harris Teeter Store, Charlottesville, VA
    Owner: Ruddick Corporation
    Architect: Ron Kirkpatrick
  • Prescott Passivhaus, Prescott, KS

    Project: Prescott, KS, Passivhaus
    Owner: Studio 804, University of Kansas
    Architect: Studio 804
  • Proximity Hotel, Greensboro, NC

    Project: Proximity Hotel, Greensboro, NC
    Owner: Quintance-Weaver Restaurants & Hotels
    Architect: Centrepoint Architecture
  • USGBC Headquarters

    Project: USGBC Headquarters, Washington, DC
    Owner: US Green Building Council
    Architect: Envision Design
  • Sarasota Power Haus, 2011 LEED Project of the Year

    Project: Sarasota Power Haus. Sarasota, FL
    Owner: Private Residence
    Architect/Conrractor: Josh Wynne Construction
  • Rivers Casino, Chicago, IL

    Project: Rivers Casino, Des Plaines, IL
    Owner: Midwest Gaming & Entertainment, LLC
    Architect/Contractor: Klai Juba Architects/Pepper Construction