Clemson University’s New College of Business

Project: Clemson University, College of Business building, Clemson, South Carolina

Architect: Design – LMN Architects, Seattle, Washington, and Architect of Record – LS3P Associates, Ltd., Greenville, South Carolina

Contractor: DPR Construction, Greenville, South Carolina

Project Description:

The architectural and construction team will have Clemson’s impressive new College of Business building up and running in 2020. A model of innovative design, this 176,000-square-foot facility will replace Sirrine Hall, which was built in 1938.

Comprised mostly of brick and glass, the new business headquarters will house many tech-equipped classrooms along with faculty and staff offices. There will also be conference rooms – one leading to an outside balcony – with striking, panoramic views. As Project Manager Paul Borick said in Clemson’s The Newsstand, “On a clear day, you can even see the mountains.”

Overlooking Bowman’s Field, a 90-foot atrium will connect the building’s North and South Towers. Accessible from all five floors, the atrium will feature a French café in the center. A grand stairway, known as “Spanish Steps,” will also link the towers. These steps are modeled after a stairway in Rome that connects the Trinita dei Monti with the Piazza di Spagna.

Phyfer Auditorium, in the South Tower, is a 3,200-square-foot multi-purpose space on the bottom floor that will seat 200 people. A trading room will adjoin the auditorium, where business students can practice trading equity securities. A stock exchange-like ticker display will face the outside, providing real-time stock prices.

Clemson’s new facility will provide flexibility for business students, faculty and staff to adapt to advancements in technology and instructional methods. It will also allow enhanced interface between academics and industry, accommodating long-term future growth at the university.

Photo attributed to: Joe Ciarlante

Clemson’s new College of Business building incorporates the following National Gypsum products:

° Gold Bond® BRAND eXP® Sheathing – 74,584 SF

° Gold Bond® BRAND eXP® Interior Extreme® – 3,520 SF

° Gold Bond® BRAND eXP® Tile Backer – 8,320 SF

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° Gold Bond® BRAND ½” XP® Gypsum Board – 3,264 SF

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