Product Development Philosophy

Rock-solid performance.

Durable and responsibly made products form the foundation of our product development process. We operate on the principle of open innovation. By partnering with world leaders in sustainable chemistry, we are pushing our product performance and efficiency to the next level.

Improving performance and efficiency

Our in-house Research and Development (R&D) team takes energy and water efficiency very seriously. Dedicated managers at each plant are responsible for continuous improvement strategies that reduce resource consumption while improving product quality and manufacturing efficiency. Our R&D team is continuously modifying our product chemistry and processes to use less water and energy. This approach boils down to exceptional value for our customers by minimizing resource costs.

We prioritize resource recovery by designing new processes to recycle material at our plants. This reduces our consumption of gypsum and closes the loop on our manufacturing waste.

Here today, here tomorrow

Our PURPLE® products demonstrate sustainable design in action through exceptional durability and longevity. PURPLE® products resist moisture, mold and mildew. These characteristics extend the useful life of interiors and promote indoor air quality—a critical focus of today’s green building movement. The health of the indoor environment is now recognized as a primary concern by USGBC’s LEED program and the WELL Building Standard.

We pioneered post-9/11 shaftwall assemblies

We developed the first fire-resistant designs to meet requirements for post-9/11 hardened shaftwall assemblies. Today, we continue to make outstanding life-safety performance possible in high-rise and multifamily buildings with a fraction of the weight, cost and labor of other designs. Read our issue of Life Safety Digest on A Short History of High-Rise Cavity Shaftwalls.