Our Neighbors

Going beyond compliance by building futures.

Being a good neighbor is everything to us. Not only do we comply with state, federal and local environmental regulations, but we also invest in the communities we call home.

From plant modernization and job creation to local philanthropic initiatives spearheaded by our associates, we aim to be the best corporate citizens we can be.

“We fill the house with love before the drywall goes up”

—Chris Kuban, spokesman for the Gary Sinise Foundation

The Foundation honors America’s defenders, veterans, first responders, their families and those in need. As supporters of the Walls of Honor program, we donate PURPLE® board products with resilient performance characteristics to aid in the construction of new “smart homes” for combat-wounded veterans. We are supporting multiple buildouts in Stanfield, North Carolina; Tucson, Arizona; and Dallas, Texas.

“National Gypsum has a history of supporting and honoring veterans, including a current partnership with Purple Heart Homes.”

—Jay Watt, director of marketing

Purple Heart Homes is a nonprofit organization that? works with community partners to either renovate or build? new homes for veterans.

Helping farmers while reducing landfill waste

Agricultural Gypsum (AgGyp) is an ongoing program at our Westwego, Louisiana plant that provides reclaimed gypsum to farmers for use on sugarcane and peanut farms. The plant processes rejected gypsum board by removing the paper and grinding the gypsum core. Some of the reclaimed gypsum is recycled back into the process, while the remaining is available for agricultural use. Farmers located within a 110-mile radius come to the plant to get the gypsum. AgGyp is a win-win partnership.