Letter from our CEO

Building Today for a better tomorrow.

We’re breaking ground at National Gypsum Company with the publication of Building Futures, our corporate sustainability report. Long a part of our overall business strategy, sustainability practices have evolved with our company. I want others to see National Gypsum as a company going beyond compliance and building a better future for our associates, our customers, our owners, the communities where we work and the environment.

As CEO, my primary responsibility is to ensure the long-term sustainability of our company. One way we do this is to control costs through water, energy and waste reduction. This report gives details about how our team is working in each of these areas. Transportation costs is another area of concern. With our national network of plants, we increase efficiency and reduce the distance between our plant locations and our customers.

Bringing Value to Our Customers

To further ensure quality, we own our natural gypsum rock supplies and produce the paper for our gypsum board at three plants that use recycled stock.

Through our products, we deliver value to consumers, contractors and architects every day. Commercially or residentially, our products are in places where people live, work and play. They go beyond walls and ceilings by providing resistance to fire, moisture, mold and mildew—as well as reducing the transmission of sound between rooms. Additionally, our products meet nationally recognized indoor air quality standards. Product features and benefits include reduced board weight for easier handling, installation guide marks for easier and more efficient installations, and gypsum board that is both abuse and impact resistant.

The reliability of our products is based on testing our raw materials as well as our finished goods at our Technology and Innovation Center in Charlotte, North Carolina and NGC Testing Services in Buffalo, New York. Our scientists hold many patents for products and processes and work to formulate materials support sustainability. Our products and wall systems meet international standards, building codes and third-party inspections. To further ensure quality, we own our natural gypsum rock supplies and produce the paper for our gypsum board at three plants that use recycled stock.

For boards not meeting quality standards, we reclaim the gypsum core for reuse by separating the paper from the gypsum core. The reclaimed gypsum goes back into the production process or is sold to farmers as a soil conditioner for their fields. We are investigating ways to take construction waste from job sites and reclaim it as well.

Thoughtful corporate citizenship

While the benefits of using National Gypsum products are many, we look beyond them to serve the communities where we work and we also share the knowledge we’ve gained over the years to make our industry stronger and more responsive to the needs of gypsum consumers.

Our core values include Honesty, Integrity, Fairness and Respect. Another is Openness and Communication. We practice these values daily with all our constituencies, and I believe they help sustain the company. These values help us build and maintain trust, a staggering and vital aspect of sustainability.

I am proud to say our plant locations and our associates are active in their communities, helping veterans organizations, Habitat for Humanity®, schools, hospitals and myriad other worthy causes. Some of these efforts are highlighted in this report.

We are committed to healthy indoor environments. Our products are GREENGUARD Certified, and we have developed Health Product Declarations (HPD), covering all brands. Our company also shares knowledge within our industry. Our company and its original entity have been members of the Gypsum Association since its founding 88 years ago, and during that time have helped set industry standards in areas such as Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for gypsum and Life Cycle Assessments (LCA).

Associates make it happen

Whether serving on a committee, working on the production line or providing information to a customer, our associates are the cornerstone of the business. I believe we offer a good place to work with a welcoming, inclusive culture. My evidence is the large number of long-term associates who have built long-standing relationships with customers, become experts in gypsum processes, collaborated to solve problems and created an atmosphere of continuous improvement.

Our No. 1 priority at National Gypsum is the safety of these associates. Our goal is zero injuries, and we work continually to improve our safety performance. We want National Gypsum associates to leave their jobs injury-free each day.

Our leadership team is tasked with ensuring we sustain our company and our culture well beyond our 90-plus years of operation. I hope you will engage with us as we continue our journey in Building Products for a Better Future.

Tom Nelson
Chairman, President & CEO