Building Futures is how we live our commitment to integrity, resource stewardship and corporate citizenship in everything we do, every day.

Message from our Chairman, President & CEO Tom Nelson

“We’re breaking ground at National Gypsum Company with the publication of Building Futures, our corporate sustainability report. Long a part of our overall business strategy, sustainability practices have evolved with our company. I want others to see National Gypsum as a company going beyond compliance and building a better future for our associates, our customers, our owners, the communities where we work and the environment.”

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Our approach to continuous innovation is at the center of how we view sustainability. Product performance and value are priorities, but never at the expense of the safety of our associates, the people who depend on our products and the communities where we operate. We innovate not only by being more resource-efficient but also by making products that support life safety, health and durability.

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We have a thoughtful approach to corporate citizenship that encompasses our teammates, customers and the communities where we conduct our business. We practice daily core values set by our leadership team and enacted by our associates in a true culture of teamwork and continuous improvement. We are building a culture that challenges the status quo and rewards innovation for the greater good. Meet the Building Futures Steering Committee, a cross-functional group that champions our corporate responsibility initiatives.

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We actively measure, manage and reduce our environmental footprint through energy, water and natural resource stewardship programs. Our metrics include annual greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption and other key performance indicators used by our plant managers and technology and engineering teams to optimize processes companywide.

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We are committed to earning and maintaining the trust of our stakeholders through a clear vision, a non-negotiable set of values and a daily focus on reducing our impact. We apply this focus across our product portfolio, within the walls of our facilities and throughout the communities we serve.

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