November 2018

New Study Proves PermaBase® BRAND Cement Board Saves Time and Money

Thad Goodman and Scott Hughes

If your construction team could install something 35 percent faster and save 6 percent in costs, would you specify it? That’s exactly what PermaBase® BRAND Cement Board can do, according to a new study conducted by Home Innovation Research LabTM using PermaBase® as a substrate in exterior wall systems with a polymer-modified veneer mortar.

“Time is money, and using PermaBase as a substrate in exterior wall systems with modified mortar can reduce construction time, reduce total installed costs and increase system performance for exterior applications,” says Tony Fuller, National Gypsum product manager for PermaBase. “Given the construction industry’s shortage of skilled labor, evolving building envelope requirements and related construction costs, this is good news for architects, builders, general contractors and their clients.”

Conducted on behalf of National Gypsum and co-sponsors Laticrete and Eldorado Stone, the study compared the installation of two adhered masonry veneer systems – PermaBase Cement Board with the modified veneer mortar versus a traditional lath-and-cement mortar base. Stacked stone veneer was installed on each of two identical facades of Home Innovation’s test house during this study.

Engineered System You Can Count On
PermaBase is a component of an engineered system that saves time, labor and takes variability out of the assembly. With this substrate, you can eliminate application errors, labor shortages and project scheduling issues. Extremely durable, PermaBase is excellent for a variety of exterior applications, including stucco, stone and thin brick. This code-compliant material is a single substrate compatible with multiple finishes, is appropriate for all climates and includes easy integration with continuous insulation. Moisture resistant, this specially fabricated cement board helps inhibit mold growth with the highest score on mold tests (ASTM D3273 and ASTM G21) and it achieves the industry’s lowest water-absorption rating (ASTM C473). Built for the long run, it stays intact when exposed to water; it will not rot, disintegrate or swell. It also meets UL classifications for one- and two-hour fire-rated assemblies. PermaBase offers a superior 15-year exterior warranty.

Versatile to Accommodate All Your Projects
With four types of PermaBase to choose from, you’ll find a match for most any project. Lightweight and easy to install, all PermaBase Cement Boards are GREENGUARD Gold Certified for low chemical emissions, which can contribute to healthier indoor environments.

The PermaBase product family:

° PermaBase Cement Board – our original, it sets the industry standard. Available in 12” and 58” thicknesses and complies with ASTM C1325.

° PermaBase PLUS® Cement Board – weighs 25 percent less than standard Cement Board. Available in 716” thickness.

° PermaBase UltraBacker® Cement Board – provides excellent rigidity for floor and countertop applications. Available in 14” thickness.

° PermaBase Flex® Cement Board – works well around archways, columns and stairwells. Available in 12” thickness.

Meets Stringent Code Standards
PermaBase is ideal for both Cement Board Stucco Systems (CBSS) and Cement Board Masonry Veneer (CBMV) Wall Systems. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and International Building Code (IBC) accept both CBSS and CBMV as solid exterior wall options that meet stringent commercial code standards as documented in UL Evaluation Report 22158. Ask your Construction Design Manager (CDM) and he or she can provide required documentation. Your CDM is also available to explain the system to a code official involved with your project, if you would like additional assistance.

For Details, Talk with Your Construction Design Manager
Contact your Construction Design Manager for more information about the new Home Innovation Research Lab study or for help with specifications. We are your team on call, here to help you design and build better.

"One of the most popular AIA Lunch ‘N Learn Programs National Gypsum offers is our “Cement Board and Exterior Finish Systems” Presentation. As you have read, there are several advantages to specifying Cement Board Masonry Veneer and Cement Board Stucco. The one that sticks out to me is the simplicity of installing it. Established manufacturers collaborated to develop a system that works. Simple, fast, code approved and less expensive."
- Scott Hughes

"An Associated General Contractors of America survey reveals that nearly 80 percent of construction businesses are having a hard time finding qualified skilled labor. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), there are currently 143,000 vacant construction positions nationwide. In fact, a recent survey by the NAHB reveals that 69 percent of its members are experiencing delays in completing projects on time due to a shortage of qualified workers, while other jobs have been lost altogether. Less skilled workers can install PermaBase, creating production opportunities for additional project completions."
- Thad Goodman

Product Overview

A Roofing Solution for Demanding Applications

Do you have a complex, problematic roofing project to tackle? DEXcell® BRAND Cement Roof Board is an ideal solution. Whether it is over a high-moisture environment or a potentially wet roof recover, DEXcell Cement Roof Board can withstand these conditions, providing the performance and durability beyond a competitive coverboard.

DEXcell Cement Roof Board also works well in:

  • High wind uplift areas
  • Built-up and other hot applications
  • High-performance buildings

Consider specifying it in your next low-slope roof project.

Project Profile

New Logix Federal Credit Union Headquarters





Landscape Architect:

Federal Credit Union HQ in Valencia, California

NewGround – design-build architects headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri

Nevel Group (For Sheathing, Z-Furring)

Design Masonry

Pamela Burton & Company

After more than 80 years in Burbank, Logix Federal Credit Union Headquarters is relocating to the Santa Clarita Valley to accommodate rapid growth while consolidating operations in one location. Slated for completion in 2019, some of the quality building products that will comprise Logix’s new three-story, 180,000-square-foot headquarters includes PermaBase® BRAND Cement Board.

Read More About The Project

Continuing Education

Fall is a great season to fulfill some CEUs by taking these continuing education courses:

Cement Board and Exterior Finishing Systems
1 hour/AIA HSW CE Hour
High Performance Gypsum: Protect against Mold, Moisture and Exposure
1 hour/AIA HSW CE Hour

Pick Up the Pace With PermaBase Cement Board

Save your client time and money! Watch this video to speed up your next installation – without compromising quality and performance.

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