June 2017

Design Better with National Gypsum's 17 Health Product Declarations

Amy Hockett

These days, the terms “green” and “sustainability” are tossed around often, so it’s not surprising that building and design pros can become skeptical. But manufacturers are helping to add authenticity to claims by encouraging product transparency through material ingredient disclosure. This allows builders, designers and other product specifiers – like you – to make informed decisions based on verifiable and consistent information. National Gypsum is pleased to be one of those manufacturers.

“As a company, we are responsible for the products we create, and we take that very seriously,” says Warren Barber, manager of technical marketing." We want to avoid developing anything that would harm people or our earth. We live in the communities where we build our products, and we also work and live in the buildings that these products are integrated into. The sustainability of our products also affects us.”

Striving For Transparency

As part of our sustainability efforts, National Gypsum has published 17 Health Product Declarations (HPDs) covering all product brands and 40 products, which address a variety of application and nearly all interior wall systems. An HPD is a method for identifying ingredients and health information of a product; the completed report complies with the Health Product Declaration® Open Standard and describes a product used in the built environment.

In layman’s terms, an HPD means National Gypsum has taken the time to investigate and disclose the ingredients in our products down to 1,000 parts per million. This transparency allows you to make informed, apples-to-apples product comparisons and select the products that best meet each project’s unique sustainability goals. Other sustainable product information we offer includes third-party indoor environmental quality certifications for low chemical emissions, mold resistance claim validations, material credit compliance, life cycle assessments and hazard screenings of product ingredients.

Leveraging LEED v4

For those pursuing LEED v4, HPDs assist in earning a point under Building Product Disclosure and Optimization — Material Ingredients, Option 1, Material Ingredient Reporting, which prescribes the use of 20 permanently installed products that demonstrate chemical inventory.

National Gypsum offers 17 HPDs that cover four product brands, addressing a variety of interior and exterior applications:

  1. Fire-Shield Type X: Covers 5/8" Gold Bond® BRAND Fire-Shield® Gypsum Board and 5/8" Gold Bond® BRAND Kal-Kore Fire-Shield® X Plaster Base
  2. Fire-Shield Type C: Covers 5/8" Gold Bond® BRAND Fire-Shield® C Gypsum Board and 5/8" Gold Bond® BRAND Kal-Kore Fire-Shield® C Plaster Base
  3. XP Fire-Shield Type X: Covers 5/8" Gold Bond® BRAND XP® Fire-Shield® Type X Gypsum Board, and 5/8" Gold Bond® BRAND Hi-Abuse® XP® Gypsum Board
  4. XP Fire-Shield Type C: Covers 5/8" Gold Bond® BRAND XP® Fire-Shield® Type C Gypsum Board
  5. High Strength Fire-Shield LITE: Covers 5/8" Gold Bond ® BRAND High Strength Fire-Shield ® LITE® Gypsum Board products
  6. High Strength Fire-Shield LITE 30: Covers 5/8" Gold Bond ® BRAND High Strength Fire-Shield ® LITE® 30 Gypsum Board products
  7. SoundBreak XP Fire-Shield: Covers 5/8" Gold Bond® BRAND SoundBreak® XP® Type X Gypsum Board
  8. eXP Interior Extreme: Covers 5/8" Gold Bond® BRAND eXP® Interior Extreme® Fire-Shield® Type X Gypsum Panel and 5/8" Gold Bond® BRAND eXP® Interior Extreme® Fire-Shield® Type C Gypsum Panel and 5/8" Gold Bond® BRAND eXP® Interior Extreme® AR Gypsum Panel products
  9. eXP Tile Backer: Covers 5/8" Gold Bond® BRAND eXP® Tile Backer Fire-Shield® Type X Gypsum Panels
  10. eXP Sheathing: Covers 5/8" Gold Bond® BRAND eXP® Sheathing Fire-Shield® Type X Gypsum Panel
  11. eXP Shaftliner: Covers 1" Gold Bond® BRAND eXP® Shaftliner Gypsum Board
  12. DEXcell Glass Mat: Covers 5/8" DEXcell® BRAND Glass Mat Roof Board and 5/8" DEXcell® BRAND FA Glass Mat Roof Board products
  13. DEXcell Cement: Covers 7/16" DEXcell® BRAND Cement Roof Board
  14. PermaBase Cement Board: Covers 5/8" PermaBase® BRAND Cement Board
  15. ProForm Ready Mix Compounds: Covers ProForm® BRAND Ready Mix Joint Compounds: ProForm® BRAND Ultra Lite®, ProForm® BRAND All Purpose, ProForm® BRAND Lite Blue, ProForm® BRAND XP® Lite with Dust-Tech®, ProForm® BRAND Multi-Use, ProForm® BRAND Taping, ProForm® BRAND Taping Lite, ProForm® BRAND All Purpose Machine Grade, ProForm® BRAND All Purpose Orange, ProForm® BRAND All Purpose Heavy Viscosity, ProForm® BRAND Topping, ProForm® BRAND Concrete-Cover Compound, ProForm® BRAND Tinted-Lite Joint Compound
  16. ProForm Setting Type Compounds: Covers ProForm® BRAND Quick SetTM Compound and ProForm® BRAND Quick SetTM Lite Compound
  17. ProForm Paper Tape: Covers ProForm® BRAND Paper Joint Tape and ProForm® BRAND Paper Joint Tape-Heavy products

To view all 17 HPDs, visit the National Gypsum Design Center.

Ready To Learn More?

Please do not hesitate to call your construction design manager or me if you would like to discuss this information further or need more details. As always, we are here to help you design and build better.

Product Overview

Gold Bond® BRAND High Strength LITE®

Use Gold Bond® BRAND High Strength LITE® on both walls and ceilings, eliminating the need for two different types of board on the jobsite. Specify it for interior, non-fire-rated applications. This specialty gypsum board is formulated to be 25 percent lighter than Gold Bond® BRAND ½” High Strength Gypsum Board.

Gold Bond® High Strength LITE®:

  • Can be used on walls and ceilings
  • Scores and snaps easily
  • Lighter weight results in easier handling
  • Resists warping, rippling and sagging
  • Features GridMarX® for fast and accurate installation
  • Achieves GREENGUARD Gold certification and qualifies as a low-VOC emitting material

For fire-rated interior wall and ceiling applications, choose Gold Bond® BRAND High Strength Fire-Shield® LITE®. This 5/8” gypsum board features a Type X fire-resistive core and is 15 percent lighter than standard 5/8” Type X Gypsum Board. Gold Bond® High Strength Fire-Shield® LITE® offers the same features as High Strength LITE® and is also approved for specific UL-rated designs.

Project Profile

Cornell University Solar Decathlon Silo House

Project: Designers: Solar Decathlon Competition
150 Cornell University students showcase their energy-saving design.

Cornell’s 2009 Solar Decathlon entry, the “Silo House,” consists of three interconnected, cylinder-shaped modules, each about 16 feet in diameter, housing the kitchen, bedroom and living room. Designed net-zero, the home’s 40 photovoltaic panels generate more energy than the home uses. The walls of this “post-agrarian” concept home were built with Gold Bond® BRAND ¼-inch High Flex® Gypsum Board. The house also features an integrated solar thermal system and evacuated tube collectors that heat the space and water. The Cornell Solar Decathlon team included representatives from all seven Cornell colleges and the graduate school of business.

Read More About The Project

Continuing Education

Summer is a good time to fulfill more CEUs. Consider taking one of these continuing education courses:

Gypsum Board: Beyond Recycled Content
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