May 2017

To Save Time, Specify This Gypsum Board

Amy Hockett and Scott Hughes

Are you in a hurry? Then we’ll cut to the chase: To save time, labor and material costs, this is a product you’ll want to try if you haven’t already. Gold Bond® BRAND ¾” Ultra-Shield FS® Gypsum Board.
This efficient, UL-Classified gypsum board is ideal for reducing the number of layers in multi-layer, fire-rated wall partitions and cavity shaftwall assemblies. Another plus: With National Gypsum’s GridMarx®, installation is easy and efficient, so there are fewer opportunities for errors to occur.

Streamline Your Projects

Specify ¾” Ultra-Shield FS® for 2- and 3-hour wall partitions and 2-hour cavity shaftwall assemblies that enclose elevators, stairways and other vertical shafts. The increased thickness provides greater resistance to fire and reduced sound transmission versus a single layer of 5/8” Type X Gypsum Board.

And if you want the same benefits with extra mold and moisture protection, consider specifying Gold Bond® BRAND ¾” Ultra-Shield FS® XP® Gypsum Board. It is part of National Gypsum’s Gold Bond® BRAND XP® line of PURPLE® products, which has also achieved GREENGUARD GOLD Certification, signifying the highest indoor air quality standards.

NEW NGC UL 3-Hour Fire-Rated Assembly!

In addition to 2-hour fire-rated assemblies for partitions (W432 and V438) and shaftwall partitions (W441 and W419), National Gypsum has a new UL Design that incorporates ¾” Ultra-Shield FS® into a 3-hour partition: W455.

For a seamless finish, we recommend reinforcing the joints between ¾” Ultra-Shield FS® (or ¾” Ultra-Shield FS® XP®) with ProForm® BRAND Joint Tape and concealing with ProForm® BRAND Ready Mix or ProForm® BRAND Quick SetTM Setting Compounds. These high-quality, consistent formulas are easy to apply, again saving your team precious time.

Let Us Help You Specify

If you want help choosing which ¾” Ultra-Shield FS® (regular or XP®) will work best for a particular project, please contact your Construction Design Manager. These specialists are an extension of your team, here to help you design and build better.

"A reoccurring theme to my architectural calls and AIA Lunch 'N Learn presentations has been ‘simplicity.’ Now that commercial construction is in full swing and skilled labor is hard to find, construction assemblies that are easy to install have become very important. Recently, the principal of an architectural firm I met with told me that every jobsite visit he goes on, something is installed wrong. National Gypsum Company’s ¾” Ultra-Shield FS makes installation simple. Fewer parts and pieces translates to fast and simple installation."
- Scott Hughes

"What project doesn’t have space constraints? When space concerns are at the forefront of your design considerations or your client’s requirements, consider using 3/4" Ultra-Shield FS. By eliminating the need for traditional double-layer walls, this product helps provide extra floor space, translating into rentable square footage and increased revenue for the building owner."
- Amy Hockett

Product Overview

¾” Ultra-Shield FS

How Does ¾” Ultra-Shield FS Speed Up Installation Time?

This versatile gypsum board:

  • Scores and snaps easily.
  • Cuts quickly.
  • Permits painting or other decoration and installation of metal or wood trim almost immediately.

Other benefits:

  • Provides greater fire resistance – specially formulated core has added fire-resistive qualities and is UL Classified.
  • Reduces costs – lessens labor and material costs (up to 10%) by using fewer layers.

For these features as well as additional mold and moisture resistance, specify ¾” Ultra-Shield FS XP.

Project Profile

Sarasota Power Haus

Sarasota Power Haus, Sarasota, Florida
Private Residence
Josh Wynne Construction
2011 LEED Project of the Year (Platinum)

This elegant home earned 118 LEED points, one of the highest scores for a private residence. To help make this home so green, the architect incorporated these National Gypsum products: Gold Bond® BRAND XP® Gypsum Board, ProForm® BRAND All Purpose Ready Mix Joint Compound and PermaBase® BRAND Cement Board.

Read More About The Project

Continuing Education

May is an excellent month to add to your CEUs. We recommend:

Abuse and Impact Resistance Gypsum: Stronger and Safer Walls
Finishing Gypsum Board: Appearance and Indoor Air Quality

Take Advantage Of Our Complimentary Service

Would you like an architect to review your specifications at no cost? National Gypsum’s in-house architects and certified Construction Document Technology (CDT) specialists are now available for Complimentary Architectural Specification Reviews. This free service provides peace of mind and helps your project stay on track. Contact your Construction Design Manager today to request a review, and let us help you.


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