Code Reports

Find our certified ICC and UL evaluations below

  • ICC-ES Report ESR-1144

    Boise Cascade Wood I-Joists

  • ICC-ES Report ESR-1153

    Weyerhaeuser Section: 06 17 23 - Wood I-Joists

  • ICC-ES Report ESR-1338

    Gypsum Association's Gypsum Wall and Ceiling Assemblies

  • ICC-ES Evaluation Report ESR-1366

    Gold Bond High Strength Ceiling Board

  • ICC-ES Evaluation Report ESR-2743

    Extended Exposure (eXP) Gypsum Sheathing

  • ICC-ES Report ESR-3234

    Interior Extreme and Tile Backer

  • UL Evaluation Report UL ER R3501-01

    H-Stud ASW Report

  • UL Evaluation Report UL ER R3501-02

    Gold Bond Cavity Shaftwall Assemblies

  • UL Evaluation Report 22158-01

    PermaBase Cement Board

  • FL17840_R0_II_14111703

    Miami-Dade County Notice of Acceptance NOA 14-1117.03 for DEXcell Roof Boards