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    Partnering in the evolution of design.

    Tools, services and support for architects.
  • Partnering in the evolution of design.

    Tools, services and support for architects.
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    Partnering in the evolution of design.

    Tools, services and support for architects.

We’re not just a product manufacturer, we’re a design partner.

  • Founded in 1925, we are now one of the world's largest producers of gypsum board and our vision is fixed on the future. While our quality is uncompromising, we continually seek the next breakthrough to create the materials that will improve the construction process.
  • When it comes to bringing you the products you want and need, our scope and experience is paramount. We are your first-rate technological resource.
  • Our plants are strategically located near major metropolitan hubs throughout the country, so we can keep your fast-paced projects moving. Our Technology Innovation Center and Testing Services laboratory set new performance and reliability standards in the industry.
  • Time is a commodity you can never afford to waste, and we can help you make the most of it in every way. When you work with us, you will have the industry’s leading resource for building products and services – all in one place.

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On Board May 2017

Are you in a hurry? Then we’ll cut to the chase: To save time, labor and material costs, this is a product you’ll want to try if you haven’t already. Gold Bond® BRAND ¾” Ultra-Shield FS® Gypsum Board.

This efficient, UL-Classified gypsum board is ideal for reducing the number of layers in multi-layer, fire-rated wall partitions and cavity shaftwall assemblies. Another plus: With National Gypsum’s GridMarx®, installation is easy and efficient, so there are fewer opportunities for errors to occur.


On Board April 2017

UL Fire-Rated Assemblies are vital to a variety of design and construction applications. So to ensure you have what you need for all of your projects, National Gypsum has added four new options to our design library: UL Design I504, UL Design M514, UL Design W450 and UL Design W454. These assemblies cover a range of needs, which we detail here. But if you ever need to design an assembly to meet a particular UL fire rating, please contact your National Gypsum construction design manager. He or she is ready and able to help you specify the best products for whatever you have on the drawing board.


On Board March 2017

Coverboard plays an integral role in a roof system’s lifetime performance. The benefits of specifying cover board include extending the roof life; protecting insulation from weather (hail/storms) and foot traffic (not to mention equipment); improving fire resistance, thermal performance and the system’s wind uplift rating; and decreasing the amount of noise that enters a building. It also provides a smooth, flat surface for the membrane. In addition, it will help your client save energy over the long haul.